Michelle Cleary

My research line deals with forest pathogens, particularly alien invasive pathogens that threaten the economic and ecological sustainability of forests.

I study the intimate relationships between fungal organisms and trees, the intricacies underlying invasive biology and mechanisms by which trees defend themselves against plant pathogens. Understanding the genetic- and biochemical-based interactions of tree resistance, pathogens and the environment is critical to maintaining healthy, sustainable and
resilient forests in a changing world.

We use various techniques including both traditional and molecular diagnostics and next-generation sequencing to address stakeholder-driven needs that will have applied value to conservation, and to land and forest managers.


Docent (Forest Pathology), Faculty of Forest Sciences, SLU (Sweden), 2017
PhD (Forestry), Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada. 2007
Honours Bachelors (Forest Conservation), Faculty of Forestry, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Canada




Professional experience