Jonas Rönnberg

Jonas Rönnberg. Portrait.
Jonas Rönnberg

I have been working with practical forest pathology issues with a particular interest in, and research focus on, the most important damaging agent for Swedish forestry conditions: Heterobasidion root rot. The host tree species investigated are primarily Norway spruce and Scots pine but to some extent also hybrid larch but also e.g. birch have been part in some studies.

The work is carried in close collaboration with the sector and multiple stakeholders. Many projects have been related to improving the management to reduce the costs due to this devastating root rot.

Stump treatment has been developed along with tree species choices and for instance thinning regimes. Presently emphasis is put on Scots pine and the effect from Heterobasidion infections on common moraine soils. The effect from stumps sizes on the treatment effect is also evaluated as well as the efficacy from practical stump treatments carried out by machinery in operational thinnings.

I am also involved in projects with Christmas trees and related pathogens such as Neonectrias or Phytophthoras.

In parallel with the research work I have also been acting vice dean at the faculty of forest sciences over the last 10 years with a specific responsibility for internationalization. I have also been heading the collaboration on forest research (SNS, Nordic Forest Research) and on agriculture and food (NKJ, Nordic Agri Research) in the Nordic countries under the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Degrees and education

• Associate professorship in 2007
• PhD in forest management in 1999
• Basic education is as a forester (MSc in Forestry) 1995.


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